Style All-Road Ti Frame (52 cm)


Designed with signature s-bend seat and chain stays, the Style All-Road delivers nimble handling, while at the same time, reducing road vibration.  We designed the Style to provide ample 38mm tire clearance so you get a reliably smooth ride over all types of terrain.

What’s an All-Road bike? For some, it’s a comfortable, wide-tire road bike that is capable of heading off pavement onto hard pack and light gravel trails. For others, it describes a subcategory of the gravel category – leaning towards the lighter, faster & smoother end of terrain, rather than the more techie or steeper side of things.

Road Plus? Gravel Lite? Perfect winter road bike? Call it what you like, we know that this will become your go-to bike.

List Price: $3950
Special Price: $1975

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