Our Background

Our current team has a combined 60 plus years of the cycling industry and 30 years of building custom bikes. One of the Co-Founders, John Siegrist, founded DEAN Titanium Bikes back in the ‘80s. He has single handedly witnessed the ebb and flow of the cycling industry through his time designing and building custom bikes for Merlin Metal Works, Ibis Bicycles, EverTi, Form, Haley, Ionic, Sampson, Jade, Stoemper, Red Tail and Vynl to name a few.

David Siegrist has grown up in the cycling industry. Being the son of John Siegrist, some of his earliest and fondest memories of his youth were of spending time in the shop. He built his first titanium frame in his early teens. A different generational perspective, David has brought fresh ideas to bike design and function. Through his time at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado, David has been exposed to high-level niche sectors of the bicycling world where every tube size and geometry tweak has both rewards and consequences.

Through our unique experience, different ends of the industry, and time building bikes we think we can provide a unique product to each and every individual for years to come.  Take a browse through our website and reach out to us on what most interests you. We’ll be honored to build your next ride!

-John, David and the rest of the Sanitas Crew.

The Team